Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lucozade VS Powerade VS Gatorade

Hello, this post will be based upon one of the biggest debates of the world of football. Which is better? Lucozade, Powerade, or Gatorade. Well i'm here to find out. I will compare each beverage on 4 criterias
1. Taste  2. Nutritional Facts  3. Energy  4. Flavor Options. I'll name the winner at the end

So lets start with LUCOZADE
Just a little background info on Lucozade.
Country: UK
Maker: Glaxosmithkline
Sponsorship: Premier League, FA Cup, England football team, Republic of Ireland football team, The London Marathon, a number of premier league teams.

1. Taste: Lucozade sport body fuel Orange has a great taste. Its sweet and taste...well like orange! The scientists really captured the orange taste. There's not much more to say.

2. Nutritional facts: (body fuel orange 500 mL) Calories: 140, Sugars: 18 g, Total Fat: 0 g

3.Energy: 585 kj. Around 898 kj are lost during 30mins of football. (in a 100 lbs man) 

4. Flavour Options: orange, cherry, citrus fruits, lemon.
As you can see there isn't a distinctive line of flavours.
Next up is POWERADE
Background info:
Country: US
Maker: Coca Cola company
Sponsorship: US Olympic team, numerous rugby teams, The Football League, Ligue 1, 
Serie A, FIFA world cup, Honduran soccer team.

1. Taste: Powerade Orange has a solid orange taste. The guys at coke got it right. Maybe   a little bitter at what I can recall from last drinking it.

2. Nutritional Information: (Powerade orange 500 mL) Calories: 106, Sugars: 18,6 g, Total Fat: 0 g

3. Energy: 670 kj

4. Flavour options: Berry and Tropical Fruit, Cherry, Orange, Aqua/Lime flavoured water.

Last but not least is GATORADE
Background info:
Country: US
Maker: Coca Cola Company
Sponsorship: NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL

1. Taste: Gatorade lemon lime has a good taste and you really can't go wrong with any of the Gatorade flavors.

2. Nutritional Information:(Gatorade lemon-lime 500 mL) Calories: 120, Sugars: 31g, Total fat: 0 g.

3. Energy: 510 kj

4. Flavour Options: Lemon-Lime, Glacier freeze, Lemonade, Cool Blue, Citrus Cooler, Fruit Punch, Orange, Riptide rush, Orange-Strawberry, Tropical-Mango, Grape, Melon, Strawberry, Fruit punch+berry, Lemon lime+ strawberry, Orange+Tropical fruit, Berry, Lime, Strawberry kiwi
A huge selection of flavours.

So who's the winner? Lets compare each category:
Taste: Lucozade wins, they just got the orange taste down very well and it'sa pleasure to drink
Nutritional Information: Powerade wins
Energy: Powerade wins
Flavours: Gatorade wins by a longshot.

So Powerade wins, there it is the best sports drink is Powerade.


  1. Gatorade is not owned by the Coca Cola Co., but by Pepsico.

  2. Lucozade contains glucose and not sugars (sucrose). It isn't metabolized by your liver alone, witch is great. The drinks should be judged by what they offer to your body, not by flavour or calories wich are irelevant